About Mobile Number Revocation List

Most of the public and private systems in India use mobile numbers as a means for identifying the customers and also to authenticate and authorize various services via one-time password sent on their mobile numbers.

Mobile number, when surrendered or permanently disconnected, after a certain time period gets re-allocated to some other customer, but many service delivery platforms/ systems are not updated by the earlier customer, who may either not be using the service regularly and hence do not find a reason to update his mobile number, or due to lack of awareness of potential danger due to mobile number reuse, thus creating huge potential of an identity/profile take over on re-allocation of a mobile number.

Mobile Number Revocation List (MNRL) is the list of permanently disconnected mobile numbers, which are published on the TRAI website every month in public domain, allowing various agencies to independently download and easily clean up their database using their own workflows (for example, a bank could download the list, check each number and if it is one of their customers', then can flag it and let the customer update it with his new number).

MNRL is uploaded on 8th day of every month and is available till 7th day of the next month on the TRAI website for a period of one month. Previous month list shall be replaced on every 8th day of the next month.

While using the MNRL, the respective user agencies should follow the rules, regulations, guidelines, instructions or directions issued by the respective regulators and Govt Departments etc. in respect of their service provisioning and the TRAI shall be merely publishing MNRL on its website and shall in no way market, promote or justify its use by any user agency.

The interested agencies may download the published MNRL from the Authority's website for their internal use through a simple online sign up/ registration process, seeking inputs for essential fields like name of the organization, email-ID, mobile number, etc.

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Disclaimer :

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